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A scientist by training and nature, I love the concept of a coach as a human catalyst for positive change.   I love that my work creates a link between my passions for science, human behavior, and performance.  I feel really fortunate to have found a place where my interests combine and, whether it be building a productive coaching relationship or curating the most impactful team retreat, strategy, or ideation session, I am able to draw on both my understanding of product design and the science behind what drives performance, connection and a resourceful mindset.


I began my career as a scientist working for multinational leading teams in product development and innovation.


In 2008 I completed my first coach training after becoming obsessed with the impact it had on me personally.  The director I worked for at the time had donated some of his time with his exec coach to me and it was a revelation! Since this time I transitioned my career into the coaching and people development space.   

In 2010 I transitioned my career away from leading product innovation teams;  towards the coaching and people development space; making the leap from a role leading teams dreaming up new chocolate bars to a small management consultancy in London where I could learn the coaching trade.  I become a practitioner and subsequently a master practitioner of NLP in 2010, and over the last ten years, I have applied and developed my coaching practice working with executives in business, from first-line managers to C-Suite leaders and their teams.  

I have continued my education into the field of human performance, becoming accredited in a wide range of psychometric tools including those focussed on understanding self and others, and those that are predictive of workplace performance.  I have also partnered, designed, and delivered development programmes with some fantastic thinkers in the area of human performance, including The Energy Project, Covey, Harvards, and Ron Heifetz. 


"Emma has transformed the way I think about personal development and how to prioritise "me".  This has helped me be more reflective and focused on achieving my goals.  I thoroughly look forward to my coaching sessions."

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